Stock your Stuffing Sale - 1/4 oz Super PAV
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Super PAV "The Miracle Salve" introduce your family and friends this season to the miracles of Super PAV. Use it for skin infections, fungal conditions sever burns, warts, burns, acne, athletes foot, stings, cuts and much more. Have a blessed holiday season from Pruitt's Tree Resin. "We Don't Leave Home Without Our Tree Resin Products! You Shouldn't Either" Sale ends Jan 20, 2019. Choose your pack size. We do not intend to diagnose, prevent, or cure any disease. “By Law”, these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, but Tree Resin has been found safe for use by the FDA. If you have a negative reaction to our products see a Physician immediately and discontinue use. Use of our products are the sole discretion and responsibility of the user not Pruitt’s Tree Resin or Distributors of our products. Due to weather or large influx of orders short delays may happen.  regular price $180 sale price for this 12 pack of 1/4 oz SUPER PAV is $120  thats a $60 Savings !!!!!

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Stock your Stuffing Sale - 1/4 oz Super PAV

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