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We were sitting in the office about a month ago and I was amazed to receive a call from a woman in Hawaii. This woman was calling to order her Tree Resin products as an emergency preparedness item for her backpack as she was right in the danger zone of the lava flows, completely surrounded by lava on two sides and the ocean to her front. Her situation was grim but she knew one of her most important products for burns, cuts and scrapes were Tree Resins. With the uncertain times we live in we must be prepared for the unexpected. yesterday is written in stone, tomorrow is uncertain so it is best to be prepared today.



Let us break down this mega pack

1- 8 oz 100% Pure Gold Resin $240

1-4 oz 100% Pure Gold Tree Resin $140

2- 4oz Super PAV “The Miracle Salve” $188

2-1oz PAV Salve $56

1- 2 oz Super PAV Oil $65

1-2 oz Super O' Healive Oil $56

1- 4oz Super Coco-Resin Essential oil $100

1- 1 Gallon Sized bag of our ultra high quality activated charcoal $140

1- 150 capsule Activated Charcoal $25

1- 6 Pack of Mountain Man Leather Care $25

1-6 pack Horse Hoof Care $20

1-6 pack of Pruitt's Tree Resin Pet Salve  $40

1-4 pack ¼ oz Super PAV salve $60

2- 1 oz Super Coco-Resin Essential Oil $80

Total that up to $1235



But if you act while supplies last this will be yours for $600 for those of you who like savings that is a savings of OVER 50% off, in dollar savings that is $635, while this may seem like a large sum of money think of how much of a savings that is, that is more savings than the price of this mega pack.  Whether you are a prepper, live off grid 2 hours from the nearest medical care, are preparing for the end of days, or are just a survivalist..... When you buy this pack you are investing in Tree Resins and it is the nature of Tree Resins to heal.


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Mega Pack

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